Weber Compatrol-Technology

A sensor is installed to the base plate of the compactor. During compaction, this sensor measures change in the vibrational behaviour which relates to the soil's stiffness by means of a "frequency band analysis". The result is indicated to the operator on a scale of LED's in the integrated display. If during further compaction passes, no additional LED'S light up, the operator of the compactor equipped with COMPATROL-Technology knows that maximum compaction has been achieved.

Advantages of Compatrol (CCD)

> Thanks to continuous compaction control, no area remains uninspected. The system allows assessment of compaction uniformity and reveals and eliminates weak points.

> Cost and labour savings, because less rework and fewer compaction passes are required.

> Quality assurance is possible in restricted areas as well, e.g, in trenches or backfill areas.

> With little experience, the operator is able to assess the bearing capacity of the soil.

> Reduced exposure of the operator to noise and vibrations due to shorter operating times.

> COMPATROL additionally checks machine frequency.

> The scale of light-emmitting diodes is easily understandable for the operator.

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