Harley Rakes

- Our heavy duty, robust Harley Rakes are renowned for the ability to churn up any knid of surface and remove any unwanted debris left lying around.

- They are perfect for maintaining a smooth, clean, workable surface on any jobsite. And come in handy widths of 6 or 7 feet.

- It is possibly the most versatile and effective landscape tool in the marketplace, return on one's investment can almost be met in days. What can you do with the power box rake? There are two types of operations, all four tires or complete track assembly on the ground, you can doze, shape, cut and course grade. By bridging up the loader front, running on rakes front casters and loaders rear tractive drives (rear tires or front elevated tracks ) you can do fine grading from zero to 3.5" depth cut, this is an excellent way to clean and prep for seeding a very large area in a short period of time, all while safely operating the loader in a forward direction. In this same way of setting up, you can do de-thatching and turf removal, by backing slowly and rushing forward in the same path, stripping out grasses but leaving the workable loam.

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