Our Values

Customers – The team at Proquip Rental & Sales P/L is committed to working together to provide excellence in customer service, focus and response and will continue to develop close long-term relationships with our clients..

Staff – We will provide an environment that stimulates innovation, teamwork, continuous learning and improvement, and recognises performance. We are dedicated to the welfare of our employees and the quality of their workplace. 

Safety – We will ensure that we will provide a safe working environment for all people involved with our business to the highest standard.

Products – We will supply up-to-date, high-quality products, support and business services of superior value.

Environment - Proquip’s commitment to sustainability isn’t simply a response to current trends. We have practised environmentally sustainable initiatives for a number of years. The desire for commercially viable green objectives shapes our thinking so as to be aware of the importance of taking the green approach.

Our Mission

Our Values are incorporated into key Mission statements:
Clients - We provide best value and service to our clients
People - We care for, encourage, develop and reward our people.
Quality - We provide best practice, service and quality.
Integrity - We maintain business honesty & transparency.
Profit - We grow ethically & profitably.
Time - We promote efficiency through time management.

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